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May 2018

Inspired by Derek Miller’s “Average Broadway”, I tried to look at the correlation between a musical/play’s setting(s) and its prestige and box office. I web scrapped,,, and Wikipedia, and then performed entity recognition and geoencoding (all in Python) to construct a PostgreSQL database which can be queried via PHP PDO. The project website is an interactive Leaflet.js map.

Started as final project for INSTG033 Server Programming and Structured Data with Dr. Oliver Duke-Williams and Dr. Antonis Bikakis at UCL.

Python 3 (BeautifulSoup, NLTK), PHP 7.3, PostgreSQL 9, Sass, jQuery, jQuery UI
May 2018

“T. S. Eliot” and “family man” don’t seem to go together. Indeed it sounds paradoxical. To the most of us, his name is associated with true linguistic sophistication, and, unfortunately, unhappy marriages. We also rarely study him as a family man—we direct our energy to his esoteric and elite high Modernist poetry, which, ironically, is partly also because of the influential school of literary criticism he started. Since his monumental “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” biographical details of individual authors have been rendered less relevant in literary criticism. Despite the paradox, however, he should be a family man to some people.

This digital humanities project invites you to look at another side of the liteary giant. “T. S. Eliot and a Family Man” is a database of letters Eliot wrote to his families. In those letters, he is down-to-earth, amiable, and, like everyone else, worries over petty, everyday trouble.

Started as final project for INSTG037 XML with Prof. Simon Mahony.

XML (DTD), XSLT 2.0, HTML5 Boilerplate, Sass